Details of projects we’ve funded

Details of projects we’ve funded

Every year, we support charities and projects across the London Borough of Harrow.

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Emergency Response to COVID-19 Fund

A joint fund created from public donations through the Harrow Coronavirus Community Fund and Harrow Council.

Homestart Barnet and Harrow will source and deliver educational toys and resources to many vulnerable families in Harrow. Visit their website here.

Harrow Foodbank will provide food parcels to individuals experiencing financial hardship. Visit their website here.

Harrow Central Mosque runs Helping Hands support service to help meet the critical and urgent needs of the most vulnerable and needy people within the Borough. The funding will help continue providing food shopping and medicine collection service for many people across Harrow. We are providing hot cooked meals to those registered highly vulnerable and delivering emergency food parcels, and, in some instances providing an emergency top-up on utilities. View more here.

Romanian Culture Charity Together (RCCT) is running a food bank in Edgware. The aim is to create a pathway to services for the East European communities through the food bank. View more here.

Herts Inclusive Theatre (HIT) offers online activities for adults with learning disabilities, including; drama and arts, and a session that focuses on yoga, movement and mindfulness. View more here.

Synergy Theatre Project will be running creative Spoken Word projects for young people in Harrow who are at risk of offending. They’ll explore issues of online safety and the parallels between imprisonment and lockdown, all delivered via online mediums and facilitated by professional artists and supported by ex-prisoners. Visit their website here.

Kids Can Achieve we support children and young people with learning disabilities and their families. They are providing support for vulnerable children and families who rely on their vital support. Visit our website here.

Need to Talk are providing low cost and free counselling services to very vulnerable groups in Harrow and will include; mental health issues, loneliness/isolation; suicidal ideations, anger, loss and bereavement, Different forms of abuse or trauma/ PTSD. Find out more here.

My Yard provides food and essential supplies to families living on the Grange Estate and the surrounding areas. They are co-ordinating generous offers from local businesses and other charity partners using a team of volunteers and bringing communities together to support each other. Visit their website here.

Harrow Carers help deliver food, medicine and practical help to people in Harrow who are self-isolating and isolated due to their caring roles. They are working with over 500 carers and have mobilised a team of volunteers. View more here.

Funding has set up a borough-wide response to the food crisis many residents are facing. Funding has gone towards:

– creating Help Harrow a central place where residents can request food as well as advice from our voluntary sector partners

– a mobile fridge and insulated food boxes

– additional food using the Harrow School suppliers portal to reduce costs. Also, Harrow School are donating £1,000 of food and supplies each week to our local community hubs.

Roxeth Community Church is one of the hubs providing volunteers to receive, sort and deliver food packages. Funding provided to ensure their volunteers have access to PPE, cleaning and packing materials, and supplementing the food parcels. Find out more here.

Sri Lankan Muslim Cultural Centre is another hub for providing volunteers to receive, sort and deliver food packages. Funding provided to ensure their volunteers have access to PPE, cleaning and packing materials, and supplementing the food parcels. Visit their website here.

Harrow Community Transport has provided a vital service of collecting large quantities of food from supplies and taking this to our hubs for distribution. They are also delivering over 84 food packages to residents in need per day and are expecting this to increase. The funding covers their costs to provide this essential service. Find out more here.

Funding for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Hospice front line staff, including masks, gloves, aprons, sanitiser. Find out more here.

A joint initiative from four Harrow Islamic Centres; Khoja Shia Ithnaansheri Muslim Community of London, Harrow Central Mosque, Srilankan Muslim Cultural centre and Shia Ithna’ashri Community Of Middlesex. They purchase 150 Oximeters, distributed using a volunteer network, collection and sterilisation; this is in addition to the 100 that had already been fundraised for.

The Oximeters will enable Harrow residents to measure their oxygen level and provide this information to a GP or 111. Find out more here.

Information, Advice & Befriending Fund

A joint fund created from public donations through the Harrow Coronavirus Community Fund and Harrow Council.

Harrow Mosque has developed a telephone befriending service ensuring those most impacted by the lockdown can get support through personal human interaction to provide mental and emotional wellbeing. Visit their website here.

The Disability Foundation is developing a Wellbeing Hub, which will deliver its services in a new capacity, including Therapists to provide remote and distant therapies such as reiki and craniosacral therapy, meditation and face down therapies such as reflexology and aromatherapy. Read more here.

Harrow Association of Somali Voluntary Services (HASVO) will engage and support young people and their families and vulnerable adults. They will map out the needs and try to signpost to available services and sources of additional support where appropriate while also providing an ongoing point of contact and support to those requiring ongoing support. Find out more here.

Homestart Barnet & Harrow will support families with young children who have experienced a significant decline in their health and social wellbeing due to the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing rules.

By using befriending volunteers, they will provide remote telephone and online support to families to reduce their stress and anxiety levels and alleviate the material hardship they may be experiencing. Find out more here.

The Afghan Association of London (Harrow) will provide comprehensive advice, information and befriending services to the Afghan community on a wide range of issues related to the Coronavirus epidemic crisis. Find out more here.

Capable Communities will make weekly telephone and/or Zoom contact check and befriending meetings for lonely, depressed and isolated clients referred by social services. Who are suffering from loneliness, depression and prevented from going out or contacting others because they have (or are choosing) to self isolate in response to the Coronavirus situation. Find out more here.

Harrow Carers are proactively contacting vulnerable and isolated carers and their families in Harrow to check on their wellbeing and offer them advice, information and practical support, respond to requests for help and provide electronic information. They assist carers with emergency support plans and emergency Carers Emergency Support Service cards to help them plan and access the support they need. Find out more here.

Harrow Association of Disabled People will be providing a free Welfare Benefits service. Visit their website here.

Mind in Harrow will offer a Covid-19 befriending service called ‘Side by Side’ will provide support specifically adapted to vulnerable residents whose mental health is being negatively impacted by prolonged isolation and have no other support networks, such as increased anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive behaviours, unhealthy coping strategies, and relationship stresses. Read more here.

St. Lukes Hospice will provide information, advice, and befriending information to our community’s most vulnerable members, end of life patients and their carers in Harrow and patients in the Borough (regardless of their illness) who have been discharged from hospitals with Covid 19. Visit their website here.

Harrow Law Centre will provide legal advice and representation to those affected by the COVID-19 crisis. Despite the Government announcement of a ban on evictions. The Law Centre is still receiving calls from people who are threatened with eviction. Equally, the benefits system’s problems have increased because of its general inadequacy and the increased demand. Find out more here.

WISH are continuing to support young people in Harrow who self-harm, feel suicidal or depressed, and maybe living with domestic or sexual exploitation. Right now, many young people in Harrow with mental health issues or who experience domestic violence or child sexual exploitation (CSE) are particularly at risk from struggling with social isolation as a result of Coronavirus. Find out more here.

Hope will deliver One to One Parent mentoring to families in crisis and or where vulnerable children reside delivered on the telephone, via Face-Time, or Skype depending on the mentors and parent’s preference. Visit their website here.

Bereavement Fund

A joint fund created from public donations through the Harrow Coronavirus Community Fund and Harrow Council.

EACH Counselling Service provides bereavement counselling and emotional support service for both individuals and families delivered in community languages. View more here. 

DAWN will be providing a bereavement counselling service available in several community languages. The beneficiaries will mainly be economically marginalised, hard to reach women’s groups unable to pay for counselling. Visit their website here.

Harrow Central Mosque is providing bereavement support to the community. Read more here.

Edward Harvist Trust Fund

A joint fund created from public donations through the Harrow Coronavirus Community Fund and Harrow Council.

Alridha Foundation will purchase four laptops to deliver our services differently to students who attend the supplementary school. Find out more here.

AQ Arts CIC will purchase a new laptop to continue our current projects, including; online dance, music, poetry, fitness and wellness classes via zoom. As well as running youth and mentoring projects online. Find out more here.

Arts for Life will purchase laptops that will enable project staff to go out into the community, support our vulnerable and need project users within their home location, and allow them to run virtual group sessions. Find out more here.

EKTA of Harrow will purchase foldable chairs and PPE to enable small groups of members to meet regularly in local parks whilst ensuring they meet government guidance on social distancing.

Every Person is Capable will purchase a Laptop, a PA system, 2 Turntables and one mixer. EPIC Expression will be running weekly workshops with young people on developing their skills on how to DJ, Breakdance and Rap. Visit their website here.

HAD will use the funding to pay for the materials/items needed to make Red Brick Café safe for reopening. Find out more here.

Kids Can Achieve will purchase 2 laptops for our Family Support Workers to continue to work throughout the COVID-19 crisis supporting families in need in Harrow. Find out more here.

RCCG House of Joy for All Nations will purchase a sensory room to create a high level of comfort and ease for children with autism to enhance their productivity and ability to engage effectively with their environment whilst maintaining social distancing. Read more here.

Somali Cultural & Education Association has been funded to buy laptops to enable their volunteers to provide online lessons and loan to young people without access.

North Harrow Community Library has received funding to purchase PPE, cleaning products and shields to enable them to reopen safely. Read more here.

Harrow Association of Somali Voluntary Organisations (HASVO) has received funding to buy laptops for use by volunteers and staff to provide remote information, advice, and befriending services. View more here.

Harrow MS Therapy Centre has been awarded funding for PPE, sanitising spray, an additional sink and a washing machine to enable them to reopen. Find out more here.

Greater London Youth Foundation has been funded to access Zoom to run their debating club for young people remotely. Read more here.

South Harrow Christian Fellowship have received funding to buy additional equipment for their youth group. Find out more here.

Bereavement Care have received funding to buy IT equipment and a Zoom subscription to train additional bereavement counsellors. Visit their website here.

The WISH Centre has been granted funding for IT equipment to support disadvantaged young people in Harrow who are experiencing mental distress. They have successfully adapted our response to provide a range of digital services. Find out more here.

The 8th/19th Harrow Scouts have been provided with funding for IT equipment to ensure their volunteer leaders can continue to offer remote scouting activities to their members. Find out more here. 

Harrow Law Centre has been provided with funding for IT equipment to continue providing advice and representation to Harrow residents in welfare benefits, immigration, housing, public law, education, and victims of crime. In response to COVID-19, we provide a largely remote service with staff operating from home other than for essential face to face services. Read more here.

Harrow Carers have been provided with funding to purchase IT equipment to help the people of Harrow by enabling staff to work better from home to provide services, support and advice to carers who are disadvantaged inhabitants of the London Borough of Harrow. Visit their website here.