Gas, Energy and Advice Fund

In collaboration with Cadent, Harrow Giving is facilitating the Gas, Energy and Advice Fund which aims to promote gas safety awareness through community events, activities, and advice to Harrow residents.

The fund will provide services which will enhance safety, efficiency, and well-being in households while fostering community engagement.

This fund is part of Cadet’s Centre For Warmth programme, which supports people who are living in vulnerable situations keeping them warm, safe, and connected. The project is based on identifying and partnering with local charities in areas of high deprivation, fuel poverty, and risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, who are located close to areas where they are carrying out mains replacement work.

The centres should foster community engagement, tackle loneliness in an accessible venue, supporting the most vulnerable groups within the community (i.e. debt, mental health, low-income, marginalised groups etc.).

See more about Centres for Warmth here:

There are two separate grant opportunities:

1. Centres for Warmth – Grants of up to £20,000 to issue advice, tackle loneliness and isolation, and raise awareness of gas safety.

2. Advice Partner – A single grant of up to £80,000 to provide income maximisation advice (support with applying for benefits), helping individuals identify and apply for previously unclaimed benefits and manage their income, and providing gas safety and energy advice.

Deadline 10am, Tue 25th June

How To Apply

To apply for the funding:

Information session: 3rd June 2024 12.30 – 2.30pm Book here

Advice Partner

  1. Please read the guidance [.pdf]
  2. Complete the application form [.doc]

Centre for Warmth

  1. Please read the guidance [.pdf]
  2. Complete the application form [.doc]

Send the completed application form(s) to

If you are interested in applying, we recommend that you get in touch with Alex at Voluntary Action