Increase your impact in Harrow

If you own or work for a company based in Harrow, the chances are that many of your colleagues live in Harrow and are part of the very communities we support.

We’re a trusted charity partner for brands, both big and small. We collaborate with companies to provide ways to support our work, from fundraising with your team to sponsorship and brand partnerships.

There are lots of great reasons to partner with us

Partnering with a trusted Harrow charity that reaches the heart of local communities will allow your business to:

  • Strengthen your companies profile
  • Improve employee morale, pride and loyalty

  • Provide fun, innovative opportunities for employees
  • Help employees give back to their community
  • Attract new customers and clients
  • Share great stories

Ready to make a difference?

Here are ways to enhance your social responsibility and make a difference for those in need in Harrow.

Your Charity of the Year

Be our biggest fan all year round by nominating us as your Charity of the Year. It’s an excellent opportunity to unite your staff behind an inspiring local cause.

Workplace Giving

Everyone benefits from payroll giving; it’s an easy and tax-efficient way for you and your employees to give to local causes in Harrow.

Volunteer your Expertise

Supporting our work by donating services or professional advice is a fantastic way for you to utilise your corporate assets and skills for the benefit of local communities in Harrow.

Help shout about us

We’d love for you to help get our name out there. Could you connect us with any of your clients or partners? Or mention Harrow Giving on social media or at your next event?

See what other local businesses are doing in Harrow.

Business Giving can vary depending on what you can offer. Here are some examples of how Harrow Businesses have given back to their community.