Harrow Photographer of the Year Logo round sticker

Competition Rules, Terms and Conditions

(1) Entries must be received by 12.00pm GMT (midnight) on Thursday 1 August 2024 (“the Closing Date”).

(2) The adult competition is open to anyone aged 18 or over on Thursday 1 August 2024.

(3) The young competition is open to anyone aged 17 or under on Thursday 1 August 2024.

(4) Each individual may enter up to 3 photographs.

(5) By submitting an entry to the competition you agree:

(i) to abide by the rules and that their entry complies with the rules.

(ii) consent to the use of their entered photograph in all activities connected to the Harrow Photographer of the Year Awards. This may include on websites, social media, at community events and in the exhibition.

(6) All entries must be photographs that:

(i) meet the sizing guidelines of less than 10mb for entry, high resolution files will be necessary if shortlisted and must not exceed 500mb (see guidance below).

(ii) have been taken in the London Borough of Harrow in the last year (between 1 August 2023 and 1 August 2024). We may ask for supplementary information to verify the location and date.

(iii) must be uploaded in jpeg format.

(iv) are entirely the photographer’s own work. Some minor post-production, such as increasing resolution or other minor touch-ups is permitted, but this should not extend to substantially altering the photograph, such as merging several images or using AI. We reserve the right to ask for additional evidence where we suspect altering may have occurred, such as the unaltered image, or other images from the same occasion.

(7) Prizes will be awarded:

(i) under three categories: Harrow Photographer of the Year, Harrow Young Photographer of the Year and The People’s Choice Award.

(ii) by a judging panel of photographers, artists and representatives of the community.

(iii) and we reserve the right to create additional awards and commendations.

(8) Whilst the information in these rules is correct, we, in our sole discretion, but acting reasonably, reserve the right without prior notice to:

(i) amend the rules.

(ii) change the prizes.

(iii) decide whether any competition award ceremony will be an event or online only.

(iv) waive breaches of the rules.

(v) cancel the competition.

(vi) reject any entry we deem to be inappropriate or likely to cause offence.

Sizing Images

Low resolution version, for entry

NB: Make sure you keep a copy of your original photograph before resizing!

For entry we require photos to be digital quality (smaller than print, so our systems aren’t overwhelmed). The image must be saved in the JPEG file type, quality level of 10 (80%) or less than 10Mb. The file name should be your first and last name, followed by either 1, 2 or 3 (as you are allowed up to 3 entries).

If you need help resizing your image, SAVE A COPY FIRST, then google ‘image resizer’ online. Adobe has a free tool .

High resolution, if shortlisted

If you are shortlisted, we will request a high resolution copy of your photograph – at least 4800 pixels along the longest dimension. Entrants will need to confirm they are able to submit this – so make sure you have your phone or camera set to take high resolution photographs.

Portrait photographs

We understand a ‘portrait’ to be a photograph of an individual or a small group where the people are the subject of the photograph.

Portrait photographs require a completed permission form from the people pictured (or their guardians, in the case of children). Whilst legally, the rights to a photograph reside with the photographer, we feel it is good manners and – in the case of children – important for safeguarding, to have obtained permission. You can download a simple permission form here.

Photographs that include people at events or in public places (where the subject of the photo is the scene or the event) are not classed as portraits and do not require the photographer to obtain permission.

Everyone entering the competition will need to provide contact details and consent to Harrow Giving contacting you in relation to the competition. We will not pass your details on to third parties without seeking permission.

Entrants are able to withdraw from the competition at any time.