Normality during these unprecedented times

EKTA in Harrow is a small community group formed by like-minded volunteers to support Mental Health Service Users in the South Asian communities, with 72 members consisting of mainly the vulnerable and elderly.

EKTA in Harrow hosts regular activities that include:

  • Holding 4 hour monthly events with a full vegetarian lunch 

  • Planning for group outings in the summer
  • Diwali celebrations and Christmas party

The group provides a platform for members to socialise whilst doing an activity, as many live on their own and are lonely.

As a result of COVID-19, the organisation has been unable to hold its regular monthly events, which has affected the well-being of members. Many members are housebound and isolated, leading to increased anxiety and depression in some cases.

Harrow Giving provided a grant to EKTA in Harrow to start the COVID Service (which adheres to the present Govt. guidelines of outdoor meetings), enabling them to buy equipment like folding chairs.

The service started in mid-July – October 2020, with small group meetings, led by a volunteer, occurring at Harrow parks located close to members residences and within convenient walking distances (or assisted transport where necessary).

The fortnightly meetings last for an hour, where EKTA in Harrow provides light refreshments with tea/coffee. Members have felt this service has enabled them to gain a bit of normality during these unprecedented times with the chance to interact with people.

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