Necessary food deliveries during Covid-19 lockdown

Harrow Community Transport, operating for over 30 years, serves the transport and mobility needs of people with disabilities within the London Borough of Harrow.

The grant from Harrow Giving has enabled them to support those who have shielded, providing necessary food deliveries during the Covid-19 period.

At present, 84 deliveries occur per day, which they expect to grow. They are helping many across the borough, an example being:

An 83-year-old lady confined to her home had run out of food. They received a last-minute request for an emergency food parcel delivery for her, collecting the food parcel from the bridge and delivering it straight away. Coincidentally it turned out that it was also her birthday, so they included a birthday card and a little extra present as a surprise within her delivery.

“We would like to express a big thank you to our partners: Harrow Giving, London’s Community Kitchen at Bridge, Harrow Sri-Lankan cultural centre, Roxeth Community Church and Harrow VCS Forum for all their help.”

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