Experiencing difficulty with a lack of freedom

Need To Talk is a Harrow-based counselling service, providing friendly, professional and confidential support. It’s a place where concerns and issues can be worked on and explored with a fully qualified counsellor on a one to one basis. Here are some examples from counsellors of the type of work they do:

I provided therapeutic support to a housebound client and in severe pain due to severe arthritis of her hip and vital orthopaedic surgery that has been delayed indefinitely due to the Covid crisis.

I am working with a client (a 19-year-old female) who doesn’t have a good family relationship. Lockdown has resulted in her experiencing difficulty with a lack of freedom due to being unable to attend college. With restrictions making it challenging for her to get away, I support her with her feelings and other issues.

Helping the client to feel contained and cared for as she struggles with suicidal ideation and an increasing sense of urgency in her own life.

Providing support to a counsellor who is coming to terms with her client’s death due to Covid and her tragic personal circumstances of a seriously ill close family member who she cannot visit.

This client has talked in sessions (occurring over the phone) about how having fewer distractions around has given them the chance to reflect. Primarily due to being unable to go out, see people or pop somewhere. In our sessions, we talked about that by slowing down, sometimes, people can feel they can’t escape from their thoughts and feelings. These feelings have proved difficult at points in lockdown, especially as the client spends most of their time by themselves. Even though it has been difficult, it has allowed space for certain feelings to be deeply explored and acknowledged.

A client lost two close family members to Covid-19, where in the first three sessions, she was unable to talk without crying. Within the last sessions, I have noticed that she is more talkative but expressing anger and is going through the five stages of grief.

Support to counsellor working with recent bereavement and extreme isolation, which a language barrier has compounded. NTT counsellor conducting sessions in Urdu to accommodate this client.

My client had to move from her home because of domestic abuse; the pressure of her partner losing his job due to Covid-19 triggered anger and strong emotions for him.

The client had experienced childhood trauma resulting in psychosis, hospital admission and bouts of depression and anxiety over the years. Covid-19 exacerbated these feelings of anxiety as we were stepping into unfamiliar territory

Since lockdown, my client has been experiencing an intense emotional state and pressure to address family problems which have come to the forefront.

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