Harrow Warm Hubs Fund

Warm Hubs are intended as places in local communities where people can find a safe, accessible and warm environment during the day/evening to help reduce the cost of heating in their own homes, alleviate poverty and encourage healthy behaviours.

This funding will be allocated to support existing or new Warm Hubs that focus on the delivery of:

  • basic refreshments, snacks and a nutritious meal if possible
  • opportunities to socialise and create relationships
  • advise and support on financial matters, health and well-being or digital inclusion
  • activities such as exercise, healthy cooking, reducing fall risk, smoking cessation, arts, cultural activities and/or those that facilitate social cohesion
  • related training, educational, advisory and information programmes
  • related awareness programmes which focus on prevention and/or avoiding crisis

Deadline 10am, 2nd October 2023

Key Documents:

Updated Guidance [15/09/2023]

The priority for the Warm Hubs initiative is for the winter period (October 2023 to March 2023). There is some flexibility e.g. starting later or continuing beyond March but the expectation is the bulk of the work happens over the winter period.

How To Apply

To apply for the funding:

  1. Please read the guidance [.pdf]
  2. Complete the application form [.doc]
  3. Send the application form to grants@harrowgiving.org.uk

If you are interested in applying, we recommend that you get in touch with Alex at Voluntary Action Harrowcontact@voluntaryactionharrow.org.uk