Digital Footprints: the tiny toolkit series

Version 1, driving excellence in IT Services for over 25 years, presented Digital Footprints: the tiny toolkit series of essential skills sessions to support community groups, third sector organisations and social enterprise organisations in Harrow. The workshops, designed and delivered by members of the team at Version 1 provided 4 essential digital skills to help support the work of Harrow organisations.

26 individuals representing 13 local organisations attended the sessions. 

Here is how some of the organisations will be using the skills learnt: 

  • It will be easier to explain some of the accounting concepts to trainee staff.
  • I’ll use the method taught in the session to analyse baseline and endline survey results.
  • Implementing a short survey after each one on one support client meeting we have.

Feedback included:

  • I’m more confident logging the charity accounts using the skills I acquired from the session.
  • Well designed course with real actionable nuggets of information. We already have a website, but, even so, there was information for us to use.

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