COVID-19 has affected EU and UK workers

Who are Work of Rights Centre?

Work Rights Centre is a registered charity organisation that provides support to the British and EU workers.  They find the right employment and understand what their employmment status is. They offer free advice, confidentiality and provide support in different languages such as English, Romanian, Portugese, Russian and Polish.

What were they funded for?

The Work Rights Centre has used the Harrow Giving Fund to support Harrow residents with free, confidential employment rights and welfare advice. The multilingual team of advisers will provide in-depth advice and casework. They help those people whose livelihoods have been sinked and instead, are trying to rebuild their financial issues, their sense of security and their self-esteem.

The whole reason for providing this service is that during the pandemic, there had been a lot of implications that a lot of queries came through and a lot of clients had a loss of work and income. This loss of income had lead to the fear of eviction and risk of hunger. Mental Health was another huge matter to be dealt as well because there had been a psychological pressure for those who had lost their livelihoods and are struggling to reach their goals whilst their Universal Credit are being assessed.

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