How does Harrow Giving work?
Harrow Giving’s sole purpose is to raise funds for Harrow groups. Funds are collected and then distributed through open and accountable grant programmes.

Who runs Harrow Giving?
Harrow Giving is a trading name of Harrow Community Action (registered charity no. 1167770) and is administered by Voluntary Action Harrow Co-operative.

What is Harrow Community Action?
Harrow Community Action (HCA) is a registered charity (no. 1167770) and a consortium working to strengthen the voluntary & community sector. HCA provides opportunities for Harrow organisations to work in partnership to secure larger contracts.

HCA is run by the sector for the sector and aims to create a stronger sense of local identity, engagement, support, collaboration and focused mission for the voluntary & community sector.

How are conflicts of interest managed?
Funding is distributed through processes with decision-making committees set up. These committees are made up of people who don’t have a conflict of interest e.g. any individuals who are not part of or affiliated to, an organisation applying to the specific grant pot.

Each grant pot will have a separate decision-making committee which could be made up from; Harrow Community Action Trustees, Harrow Voluntary & Community Sector Forum Representatives and funders.

A conflict of interest register will be kept for each committee.

How will I know where the money goes?
We will keep the website updated with details of the organisations who receive grants and Harrow Community Action will publish accounts in line with Charity Commission regulations.

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