Harrow Covid-19 Awareness 18 to 40 Fund

This round of funding is to raise awareness of the Covid-19 vaccination and promote behaviour that will reduce the transmission of the virus with a specific focus on young people and those in the under 40’s age group.

We are looking for community and faith organisations who are able to speak to members of their community. The aim is to engage with young people and those up to the age of 40. This could involve working with children and young people, to create content and activities, with messaging designed to influence their families around Covid-19 vaccine takeup.

Activities could include:

  • creating videos to be used on social media

  • organising volunteers to call community members

  • creating posters/graphics in community languages

  • creating resources that are accessible to people with a disability

  • using artists to create engaging content

  • provide guidance on how to celebrate festivals whilst remaining covid safe

  • running events to promote constructive discussion around covid

  • Please note this list is not exhaustive

Harrow Covid-19 Awareness Fund Priorities include:

  • Tackling misinformation

  • Encourage the uptake of the vaccine

  • Encourage people to follow Government guidance

  • Encourage behaviour that lowers Covid-19 rates

  • Sharing good practice that reduces the impact on individuals and those around them


10 am Wednesday 19th May 2021

Amount available


Expression of Interest

If you plan to apply for this fund, please submit an expression of interest here.

To Apply for a Grant

To apply for the funding, please read the guidance and complete the application form.

Harrow Covid-19 Awareness 18 to 40 Fund Guidance [.doc] Harrow Covid-19 Awareness 18 to 40 Fund Application Form [.doc]

Harrow Council was awarded funding from the Community Champions Fund via the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government (MHCLG). This fund is being distributed via Harrow Giving.